Hello everyone, Long time no see.
These days I’m working on something else ( for life, you know :p) .

Today I was been told that my friend-@cainonly's  fan book  [ Heart tree ] has been sold out, that means I can post the fan arts of the book here which were draw last year . 

But honestly, they are not as good as I hoped,  
so……don’t too disappointed to me……………



bad dog - 2 by young212

i can’t help but to think that this piece and I Change Shapes by  T-Pock are somehow companion pieces (◍•ᴗ•◍)


(Source: spookytwinkdancy)



Vacation: the possibility and the permission to spend 24 hours doing nothing but Sherlock things.

I have never seen these and I simply adore them!


"When Sherlock arrived in his suit, at ten till seven, he wasn’t expecting the sight that met his eyes. He’d fully expected John to dress in a suit, to eschew the old trappings of omega dress. What he found was John resplendent in expensive, well-cared for ‘silks’. A misnomer, really, as John’s silks were made of soft, high thread-count cotton. The blues, greens, and yellows of the Watson tartan brought out John’s eyes and skin tones in a way that had Sherlock’s breath caught in his throat and his tongue stuck to the roof of his mouth.

John’s smirk said he knew the exact effect the tartan layered and wrapped around his body had on Sherlock. He shifted the wide swath of fabric that went over his right shoulder, nearly brushing the floor behind him. The long tartan kilt hovered at his ankles, revealing delicate sandals.”


Colored sketch commission for amphigoricsymphony, companion to their omegaverse ff x (omegajohn/alphasherlock)